Sunday, January 12, 2014

squid ink on my face.

New to the already impressive Aesop interiors catalog 

Aesop- Kawarmachi, Kyoto

The brand is famous for their distinctive interiors,
none of which are similar in any way.
Aesop founder Dennis Paphitis is
"horrified at the thought of a soulless chain"
and so due to his fear these Aesop store are born.

From the book worm inspired location in Chelsea, New York
to the Cornice inspired Newbury St, Boston joint
to the topsy turvy 'where's my chair?' spot in Midtown Tokyo.
This location make me feel minutely violated. 
Mainly due to how in line it is with my affinity of this pastel teal and gold taps....
& topped off with a 'too-cool-to-care' concrete walls
(with tastefully sprinkled with graffiti may I add)
is now a new addition to the already impressive
array of Aesop store internationally.

Majorly reappropriated, the metal pipes and lightbulbs
were sourced from Squid Fishing boats (yum.)

These lights were originally used in sea to attract the attention 
of squid.  This is the fourth location of which the Torafu Architects
have gotten to work in collaboration with Aesop in Japan.

Aesop Kawaramachi by Torafu Architects
The narrow space of
3.2 m width, 19.7m deep and a height of 6.2m
is exploited by keeping much of the original
structure and infusing functionality back into the space.
Aesop Kawaramachi by Torafu Architects

'Aesop' , Kyoto
by: Torafu Architects


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