Wednesday, January 22, 2014

gradients don't fade.

When designer Ramy Fischler's firm RF Studio
was given the project of refurbishing ad duplex apartment 
in Paris' 16th arrondissement, Place de Colombie.
This space already has enough going for it,
it's own garden and street entrance. 
Coming from the 1930's Art Deco residential
complex known as the "Walter Buildings"
They took on a whole new take to
"melding the old with the new"

This artful transformation highlights the apartments historical past
and unique aesthetic traits while pressing down on its current spot in time.


 The intentions of layering were the most evident from the space.
From the whimsical gradient (of which was applied by hand)
to the layering of curtains throughout the space
the contrasts provided by texture and colour
were as dramatic as the art deco elements itself.

 Ramy Fischler takes each project as a chance to explore
creativity, craftsmanship & the science of experiementation
'The Place de Colombie apartment,'' he says,
''is the result of a group of ideas and talents coming together as one. 
For me, designing an apartment or house is like running a research laboratory,
during which different expertise comes together in order
to produce a singular piece that is the result of a collaborative process

Furniture in photo were all custom pieces design by Fischler.  Bespoke leather, cotton sofas, & lacquered coffee table.

the Master Bedroom

Calacatta marble through the master bathroom
Strategic cut lines to distort perspective
Parquet flooring carefully integrating the preserved material with a new application

White lacquer curtains drawn by hand by Ramy Fischler and molded by artisans

Apartment in the
'Walter Buildings'- Place de Colombie, Paris

by: RF Studios


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