Thursday, March 31, 2011

'felt' up my germs.

...see what I did there?
(the wit involved in blogging in tremendous)

'Woolen Soap'

Take it in a realized what you are looking at.
The union between felted together wool and soap.

It's like soap and the ultimate loofah (hehe. i giggle @ the word)
combined into one super bathroom product.

INTENDED USE: body care, massasing, skin peeling
& SPECIFICALLY to care for children's hands and feet


Woolen Soaps won Honorable Mention on the Biennial of Industrial Design
--Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Designer: OLOOP (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: group of unemployed women (Slovenia)
Inspired By: river stones
Material: sheep wool, soap
Colours: natural: white, grey, dark brown, green
Dimension: 150 g
Price: 14,40 eur


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