Monday, March 28, 2011

puke out your cash.

This even made me feel a little uncomfortable and madly awkward-ed out.

Oh. I wonder what his nice lady is drinking?
Mango milkshake? Orange banana Smoothie?

no no nooo

She's ACTUALLY drinking milk with food colouring/
& that's not the best part, this artist sucks that lactose goodness in
and VOMITS IT ALL BACK OUT (ya, that's right) on a canvas.

"Nexus Vomitus" is a collabo between Millie Brown
(the vomit artist. Who could have guessed that career choice as a child?)
& opera singers Patricia Hammond & Zita Syme.

SHOWstudio decided to document this one time spectacle of Millie barfing
out liquid Skittles (practically) to the Patricia & Zita's loovelly melodic interlude.
Talk about putting a real spin on creativity eh?

For those of you that get turned on by regurgitated milk,
you can get this one of a kind "beauty" of an art piece.
You can still buy it for the bargain price of £ 1,500.
(heckkkkk ya. you heard me right folks, real steal)

For the rest of us that are just confused as to why were still reading/writing
about this, our craving for rotten milk on canvas can be satisfied by the
LOOOOOOOOVEEEELYYYY performance captured on video...
[barf here heree VOMIT vomit]

1 comment:

  1. Nasty! That is so gross. Is she just spitting it out or actually vomiting?


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