Monday, September 19, 2011

i just wanna be socially awkward.

No matter HOWWWW much you hated dresses & glitter
or even if you tried to yank off every single head of the Barbies in sight.
Evvvvery little girl at some point in her life fantasized
of becoming a Princess.
(Thanks for fogging up reality for us Disney.)

Photographer Luki stirs up those pretty (& potentially pink)
little thoughts in our minds again.

These photos remind us that a princess will always have a
impeccable cheek bones,
budget-less dresses,
and a poised/no drooling policy when it comes to sleeping.

Cinderella's kind of socially awkward don't you think?
D: Well you gotta forgive her, girl's been friends with
mice & birds for all her years.
* silence*
E: Little Mermaid's a brat.

-excerpt from RSID memories-

- - -

Ad Campaign: Hian Tjen
Model: Milena Stephien
Hair & Makeup: Yoga Septa
Photographer: Luki (for Lukimages)


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