Thursday, April 12, 2012

coffee & tequila.

I guess Kahlua & Baileys best watch it.

The ever so deathly Patron is now coming out with
their very own version of Coffee Liquor.

Apparently Patron XO Cafe has been out a while. 
It's just half a surprise that I haven't seen it or have tried it before
since Patron is pretty much my arch enemy.
04 10 12 patron

"'Patron XO Cafe has quickly become one of the fastest-growing products in our portfolio,
and the success and excitement surrounding this brand has definitely
energized the coffee liqueur category overall,'

 "When we looked at how we could build on what makes Patron XO Cafe so special,
chocolate was such a natural fit,"
04 10 12 patron2

Regardless of the danger inside the bottle.
 I must say the look of it is quite deathly also.
04 10 12 patron1

'Patron XO Cafe' & 'Patron XO Cafe Dark'


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