Thursday, April 5, 2012

even weeds are better in Europe.

After many years of denial,
I have finally come to peace with the fact that
Toronto is a fairly boring place to be.

It does amazzzze me though
how such a mundane place
can breed some of the most marrrrrrvelous people.

But fo real,
we need get some awesome in this city
to match its people.

But i guess.... the grass issssss always greener on the otherside
(see what I did there?!??! yayayay?!)

You know things are serious
when even weeds on another planet is more legit.

After many years of denial,
Claiming back the city of Madrid with mutated forces of nature,
this installation's point was to really
(i did it againn!!)
on the environmental issues claiming the city.

The escalating light pollution problem in the city
is getting relatively concerning.

The rules for the wattage used in the pharmacy signs
have been changed to allow for even brighter illumination.
This mutes pretty much everything and bathes
all that is around it in the hue of puke blinding green.

La Vie en Vert homies.

- - -

'Malas Herbas Mutantes'-- Madrid
by a anonymous artist collective:


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