Wednesday, April 4, 2012

scan my oranges.

This is more than just online shopping.
Targeting the market of smart phone users & our obsessive
need to move even faster than we already do,
TESCO has opened the world's first VIRTUAL STORE.

virtual-store-1Purchasing products by the mere scanning of a QR code
the process of grocery shopping is now more convenient than ever.

The first experimental trial installation
involved 7 pillars and 6 platform screen doors.


These life size images house it all.
From milk to apples to backpacks even,
just download the app and start buying away.





As awesome as this whole thing is.
The beauty of tactile interactions is still attractive to me.

The idea that grocery stores (or stores in general)
can become obsolete is huge thunderstorm to my ideas of fun.

There's something quite awesome
about knowing how my much marble there is in my steak,
or how mushy my avocados are.


  1. This concept is pretty cool. Do they send this stuff to you? What happens if I wanted to do some last-minute shopping for a big, juicy steak? And do we get to read those manufacturer/product labels before we buy?

    1. The manufacturer product and labels are probably readable on site or probably something you might have to google yourself while you're scrolling/scanning the product.

      & yupp the products are delivered to your door. not sure how long it takes to get ther soo im not sure your steak would be juicy or just frozen =P


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