Tuesday, June 26, 2012

don't let me see these at night.

You know those moments at night 
when you swear you just saw something float by 
outside your room in the dark light-less hallway?

I wouldn't wanna see these.

The aim is to get he audience provoked and
forcing them to interact with their environment and the piece itself.

The project 'Glazed Paradise'  was Mark Jenkin's indoor works
involving life-like figures placed throughout the gallery space
meant to freak the crap out encourage reactions.

By using public spaces to find his audience,
he forces people to interact with the environment.
His art is "as much a social experiment as it is an art project"

In my opinion, this is a pretty cute pun urbanites to really
judge the authenticity of their surroundings.
-- People and purses alike.

by: Mark Jenkins


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