Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pixel pour.

I'm convinced that we live in a world of
'Geeky Chic'.

Everything dorky, nerdy and geeky are just merely
I guess kids these days are just realizing quicker
than ever that we're all eventually going to work for nerds
so best join them now than later.

a black faucet on Mercer Street (New York -- of course)
just got a mini make-over.
All it took was a couple dozen of blue boxes
and an entire New York walkway was transformed.

This is either an homage to a Kelly Goeller's (of //kneeon)
Pixel Pour of 2008
or Kelly Goeller decided to pay some respects
to the new 3D obsessions.

Let's get going!

'Pixel Pour 2.0'
by: Mystery Person...


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