Monday, June 18, 2012

marry you.

If there is anything that is engineered to warm your heart right up
it has to be PROPOSALS!

Having been reminded so many fantastical
love stories of my friends through wedding bells & proposals
I gotta say that I must be one of THE biggest
suckers for that white fiasco
&& I can prove that with the tears that happened 
just watching these proposals.

The modern age with technology and creative juices 
that can be executed at our fingertips 
even PROPOSALS are getting more and more savy and creative.

It's true that when proposing on the JumboTron at Times Square used to be a big deal
(especially when you see it in Hollywood films)
the new bar is at the very LEEEEEEEAST a flash mob at Union Station
(as per 'Friends With Benefits')


“I think everyone can think of something creative if they really search deep enough. And sometimes, it will come in the most unexpected inspirations.”

-- koodos to using iMovie effects for this one :P

to Bruno Mars
for killing the headache to finding the perfect song.

things are getting cray cray.


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