Saturday, November 9, 2013

a love of 'X'

How can anyone deny the beauty and the simplicity of 

I have been obsessed and captured by
"X marks the spot" 
since I could remember.
From x____x being my favorite emoticon since the age of MSN,
to finding my obsession for Uglydolls,
The stumbling across to KAWS (Brian Donnelly) 
on one fateful day in 3rd year. 
This exhibition is one that I could practically
find myself in tears at.
(Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts) 
is his latest solo exhibition including his iconic vinyl sculptures
(with references to Bugs Bunny,
Michelin's Bibendum
and pretty much anything you can relate to)

The odd relationship between perfectly molded sculptures
 & 19th century figure heads is enough to blow your
mind away the moment you enter the exhibition.
(insert tear jerking moment here)

KAWS @ PAFA -- Pennsylvania


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