Wednesday, November 13, 2013

everyday Rothko.

An ex-advertising designer now photographer Eddy de Azevedo pays tribute to the1950s Colour Field Painting era,
one that is undeniably stillscrutinized by many people . 

My defense is--
Nothing is the same on a screen or in a book,
if you can say the same when you see it in person,
then you're entitled to a conversation.

These sharp, loud & simple 
pieces bring out the boldness in just everyday settings
we forget about.

















Some of you are laughing 
but some of you are thinking about the many amazing 
Instagram photo-ops you've already missed after
leaving the house this morning. 

More on Mark Rothko & Colour Field Painting
(THANK YOU Wikipedia!)
- - -
Photography by: Eddy de Azevedo


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