Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Voyage avec Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton just launched is last advertising campaign of the year. 
A short film was release as the 2nd part of
"L'Invitation au Voyage"

Model Arizona Muse plays Lady Louis Vuitton
and partnering her on this release is David Bowie.
Part 1 was Arizona Muse discovering a mysterious
envelope in the Louvre which sets her off in a journey
in a hot air balloon (obviously)

The film stems from the concept that a woman's courage and boldness
eventually leads her to the unknown realms and worlds of which
allow her to the embark on an irreplaceable experience. 


The journey starts with Arizona Muse landing in Venice
She makes way to a palazzo which is where she encouters
David Bowie, on a harpsichord.

He plays a version of "I'd Rather Be High"
(from his 2013 Album)
The song transforms into a schizophrenic Renaissance Soundtrack.
The guests are all glamorous but maniacal. 

Everything is getting more and more surreal
and then all of a sudden- 
it's all gone. 

The only piece of proof now lies in a pieces of sheet music in her 
Vivienne bag.
She wanders off to take a traditional Chinese sail boat loaded 
with the trademark Louis Vuitton trunks which then carries her away
to surely the beginning of Part 3. 

Hopping into the Apps bandwagon.
Louis Vuitton launched "Louis Vuitton Pass"
an application for Smartphones and tablets 
featuring users an "augmented reality".

I have yet to download it, so I can't quite give a 
review (darn lack of internal memory)
Bonus features include all extravagant behind the scenes clips as well. 




L'Invitation au Voyage (Pt.2) , Louis Vuitton
Film Director: Romain Gavras
Photographer: David Sims
Hair: Paul Hanlon
Stylist: Jerry Stafford
Make Up: Lucia Pieron


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