Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so what if i don't like wearing pants.

for those of you that make fun of me for:
a) not "wearing" pants
b) "pretending" realizing that a top is actually a dress

I would like to proclaim loud and proud that:

The following looks generated WORLDWIDE by fellow long shirt lovers.
must. hunt. shirt. down.
nothing i'd ever be able to rock without reminding someone
of Magritte or a mime.
sheer beauty.those nylons are def 60 denif i was white, this would be adorableeeee.
but since i am very much asian i will most likely be shipped back to the
motherland if spotted in such an outfit.

In my opinion, shirt dresses are 100% socially acceptable.

So stop making fun of me people. Clearly i just tapped into a really cute type
of outfit a little earlier then the rest of you. ;)

all looks via [lookbook.nu]


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