Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cheese in romance makes lovely moments.

i have again reindulged in the world of taiwanese dramas.
aka// the cheesiest things alive on this planet.
theyre horridly predictable and make things like falling in love seem
ridiculously easy and picture perfect.

relationships never work that way but its nice to pretend no?

as some of you might die @ the idea of cheese and tacky moments in a
relationship. but in my opinion...

"tackiness is in the eye of the beholder"rings are always the symbol of promise & commitment so here it is,
thrown in a fondue.

Inspired by the idea of Stanhopes in the 19th century.
Pictures and whatever else gooey moments you have can be inserted in the edge of the rind for projection.

Put a LED, candle or whatever against the "slide" and your face will
blow up. Showcasing the like like you have for someone else :)

"Portrait Projecting Ring"
independant project
Concept by: Luke Jerram (...)
Jeweler: Tamrakar
made just for Luke Jerram and Shelina Nanji (his wife)


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