Friday, July 30, 2010

how to REALLY be a fish.

For all you asian folks out there, I know you've all seen those fish tanks in
Chinese "Seafood" Restaurants (Jau Lao).
The half grime infested tank where the fish (and occasional lobster)
are just doing their thing prior to being devoured by you with salty soy goodness.

...THIS pool reminds me of that--minus the getting devoured part.

A raised pool is not usually the type of pool one is used to seeing which
makes this exposure so much more alluring.

Now imagine skinny dipping in that...

by: Andres Remy Architects
- - -

Same idea, but instead of peering out to your backyard underwater,
you get your basement.

'The Slice House'
by: Procter-Rihl-- Brazil
(more info on ^ -->here)


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