Wednesday, July 28, 2010

can i get your barcode?

Good technology & innovations often change our habits and social etiquette.
Blackberry's have definitely altered the game of pick-up.

We have come so far in terms of how to communicate catch phrases.
From the classic, "Can I get your number?" to
"Can I get your MSN?"
to "Can I get your Facebook?"
to the new, and almost always applicable...

... "Can I scan your barcode?"

(for those of you that don't know what that means. All BB's have a unique barcode of which other BBs can recognize. Instead of adding someone on BBM via their pin we are now able to just "scan" the others person's barcode)
Taking this new trend to mind, ROLLOUT features @ the Toronto (WOOHOO!) Design Exchange (DX), QRious Paper.

ROLLOUT, looking to reinvent the museum experience integrated QR barcodes, the new BB phenomenon. QR barcodes emerged in Japan as a easy way to keep track of SKUs and quick retreiving of information. (to learn more click )

When scanning these codes with cell phone cameras, thess QR codes will bring up various websites of which we draw inspiration/information from. Apps such like the QR App is downloadable for those that don't cameras with such a capability *cough*iPhones*cough*.

Scan a few and see where it brings you....but only if your QRious enough ;)

Exhibit @ the Toronto Design Exchange until Oct10,2010


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