Wednesday, October 5, 2011

rolling hills of shine.

With the invention of digitized music & the past 10 years of Apple's iPod domination.
The world of CDs is slowly diminishing and I can only imagine
HMV cringing from the pain.

So question is as people move into smaller spaces while
constantly needing more, then where did all the carriers of sound go?
....regardless, i would say using abandoned goods for giant installations
is the best option for these passe fun items.

65,000 CDs woven and turned into rolling hills of shinnnay
at the Centquatre @ the Halle d'Aubervilliers, Paris.
It kinda reminds me of a really shiny disco dress
or that children's book, 'Rainbow Fish' & the fish that one gill that was
shinyand special looking.

This whole piece was a huge statement on waste.
Life cycles. Life of Objects. Phase of Life in the Cycle of Waste.

. "...CDs seeing that this is an object from everyday life that is known to be on its way out of usefulness in our society. Eventually these shiny, once technological marvellous symbols of modernity will be cast away and thrown in with waste – other things that society has used up, spit out and moved on from."

'shiny Waste Landscape'
by: Elise Morin (artist) & Clemence Eliard (of SML)


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