Monday, October 17, 2011

imma pee myself.

Remote controlled trains?

Remote controlled helicopters?

Remote controlled tarantula?

RemoteControlled Tarantula
RemoteControlled Tarantula
"Remote-controlled tarantula scurries across flat surfaces like an actual arachnid, moving forwards, backwards, and rotating 360°. "

It's even freakin' hairy exterior similar to tue urticating hairs
on a real spidey.... FML.

8 eights that move independently
(like the real thing)
& the eyes even LIGHT UP
(not so much like the real thing)

Remote requires two AA batteries and tarantula requires two AAA batteries.
6" L x 1"H.

@ $18.12 (approx $2.26 per leg)
{forget me posting the link to buy it. this crap is gross}


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