Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's more than just an artfully placed piece of deliciousness.
It's a multi-sensory dialogue with your SOUL.

Latin Cuisine.
Chef John Sedlar's fingerprints.
Up close, they're little phrases of simple fresh notes.Step back and you have a story to tell your tastebuds.

This one is a sober reminder of the nuclear disaster in Japan.
Not only are you reminded of the world outside this restaurant,
but now you can also engage in a thoughtful conversation with
what may be an awkward first date
(this place is should be a definite must go for awkward turtles
at least you can eliminate the weird silences )

'Papas Salsa Verde'
The perfect 10 of a potato chip-- fresh & simply dressed with avocado & micro cilantro


Tamale Chipotle paired with wild mushrooms and filet mignon.
'Arepas Caracas'
(corn cakes stuffed with Mexican shrimp, mango, and cotija cheese)

Photo: Image of the kitchen the chef learnt to cook in.
This plate is almost like a time travelling device,
taking you back to the moment where the pro that cooked you
you food was nothing more than a mere boy actualizing his dreams.

Twice Fried Plantain Discs and Smoked Sea Scallops
A series for the memorial of 9/11.
This background is a breathe taking view of the once was
restaurant in the North Tower, 'Windows on the World'

- - -
The "Reflecciones" series is meant to trigger deeper thoughts & grab
your attention and awareness for philanthropic or political issues.

This place is a vessel for thought and a warp for your tastebuds.

- - -

'Playa' -- Los Angeles


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