Thursday, October 6, 2011


{CakeFace} :

someone who wears so much makeup that
if they got water splashed on them.
their face would melt off.
exposing an ugly being.
most times they just go overboard.
and it looks terrible and too dark,

Not that this editorial is really a reflection of that...
but I thought I'd share that mental trigger with everyone anyways =)

If anything this is a clear manifestation of artistic swooshes
over a few modely faces.

Quite simple yet extravagant.
Yet something tells me that only faces of a certain caliber can
rock these splatters of colour.

'Danish Finest',
beauty editorial inspired by Arne Jacobsen's Danish furniture design.

In collabo with Sidsel Marie Bog & Sarah P's styling
the lines and curse of classic Dutch furniture is REALLLLLLLY what's splashing
across these perfectionally symmetrical faces.

{ Inspired by: "The Swan" and "Seven" Chairs }
Let's be real now.
If this was done to my flat-ass Asian face, we'd all just think
I forgot to wash my hands after a bomb finger painting session.

'Danish Finest'
by: Arne Jacobsen


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