Friday, October 1, 2010

not everyone can eat like me.

Apparently wanting to eat constantly is a disease.
Frankolin told me so.

I've been binge eating like its my job for the past few days.
No jokes guys, its been serious times.
I've had at least 5 meals a day and they're not snacks.
They're full fledged steak, salmon, pasta dinners.

Commentating on how much I can eat/food I have access to....

This animation is the perf example on how to take a serious
issue and making it into something entertaining to watch
(without sacrificing the legitimacy of the content)

"How To Feed The World"
written by: Sabrina Massen & Denis van Waerebeke
directed by: Denis van Waerebeke
design: Montag
animation: Juliette Hamon-Damourette
sound design: Ruelgo
voice over: Mark Jane

Done for the "Bon Appetit" exhibition, directed for kiddos 9-14.


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