Wednesday, September 29, 2010

one step closer to Finn Hudson.

At 3:30pm (today? yesterday? ... really depends on if ur a
12am next day person or a when-the-sun-rises next day person),
I wandered into one of the most dangerous area
for me at the moment-- Yonge & Dundas.

At that corner houses 2 of the most detrimental places for
my wallet right now... H&M + Forever XXI.

Leaving the damage done on a side note, I've have not been able to
stop thinking about one particular item:

Athletic gear. So sue me I suck at sports.

I went into 'Stussy' over the weekend with the boys and thought
about how awesome those novelty items are.
Never was I in a team in high school, never will I be on a sports
team that will be proud enough to give me a varsity jacket.
THEREFORE, I must obtain it via other means.

Come. On.
Imagine, I would be oh sooooooooo awkwardly dorky in that jacket
that it would end up being C-U-T-E. You know it.
<3. aaarrgggghhh.

With that thought aside, these jackets are one of
those items I'm not quite sure I can rock.

I'm alllllllmost positive that if you saw me wandering down the street
with that jacket, you'd automatically assume that I can't speak English.
Nonetheless, I really reallly REALLLLLLLLY enjoy it
looks like the William McKinely one-- & yes folks, that's Glee.

So now: Y/N to swiping the card?
Decision time...


  1. what store did you find the jacket in the first pic at?

  2. where did u find the jacket in the first pic?


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