Monday, September 27, 2010

frozen foods.

It's funny how humans constantly try to preserve things:
Mummys, seran wrap, tin foil... thermos-es...

Freeze them in a block of ice and show them off to the world.
I think not.
Over 450 types of marine life are frozen in life-like poses in an ICE AQUARIUM.
These blocks of ice are illuminated with a blue light to help
splash some "life" back into them... (or so I assume)
Either that, or they're just really into making everything
look cool and club like with an explosion of LEDs.
Opened in 2002, they've got your entire Japanese seafood menu in here:
octopus, salmon, tuna, crab...& if that wasn't enough
for you, they also have a hunk of Antartic ice & various
forms of ice art =)
It is asked that you wear your Canada Goose/TNA jackets
in this environment since the entire place is @ -20degrees celsius.
Kinda cooooooooool don't cha think ;)
(pun!pun!pun!... so witty i am)
'Kori no Suizokukan' (Ice Aquarium)-- Kesennuma, Japan
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