Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mooncake x metropolis

Moon/Mid-Autumn Festival means crazy happy little pyros children
are allowed to frolic frantically around in the backyard
with a candle lit thin paper lamp.

How is that safe you ask?

...It isn't.

"Pretty" you say.

You don't know the half of it. It's REALLY good times when
the wax starts going everywhere and the latern just burns
like a wildfire before your eyes.

My parents took the safe modern way out and I got the ones with
the lightbulb inside instead. ANNNDDD as if the bulb part wasn't modern
enough, mine even played music.... BALLLERRR!

Anyhow, as per any holiday, the Americans have an amazing
ability to make it their own..... I betcha any money
the Asians didn't see this one coming...

That's right guys...
Starbucks is taking over the world.
Anyhow, Starbucks did make an attempt to retain some
Chinese goodness with this limited edition Mooncake set by
having them come with cute little Starbucks Chiense tea cups.

Happy Mooncake Day Every(Chinese)one!!!*


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