Tuesday, September 14, 2010

7 days.

the work corner. filled with love smiles and laughs with my faves.

It's now officially been 7 days of my graduating year.
Taking into consideration how hard (and efficiently) RSID usually rapes us
we seized every opportunity to have a good time while there's still some life
and summer joy in us....

DAY 1-- Tuesday
Starting our first day off with $4 mixed drinks.... with the most GORGE
weather outside for our first fam patio lunch this year....

Only issues were...
1. the stench of garbage lingered around the entire lunch time
2. There were bees MUTANT insects suicide bombing our food...

but we had bee extinguisher Vee Kwan capture them all, ninja style, in glass cups.
(yup, no lies, they're in there)

&& of course, unexpected Jaager shots @ 2:00pm.

DAY 2-- Martini Wednesdays.
all 13 of us were asked to "shut up" cause we were scaring
away the other tables apparently.... we ruined some poor couple's first date
(swear there was no second one coming annnywayss) and all left
happier than everrrrrr spending only $3.99 for each martini.

DAY 3- Eatin & feel FRESH
After a 5pm class Mars, Jujubee, Supark & i decided to dinner adventures
to a place where all vegetarians would holler in joy...'Fresh'Su's Health Plate... Falafel, Pita, Couscous, Hummus & 3 dipping sauces
Miso Burger (special points*miso gravy)
Thai Burger (special points*peanut sauce)
..& a side of sweet potato fries to share =)

Respectable prices and pretty darn amazing food, this is a "please be sure to visit
in T.O." / "you will def return after 1st time" place.
&&& we finished off the night by going to Century Room + late night Frans.

Decided to be half productive with the Geefs & Su @ the Rye library.
Coffee Plus-ed it up at night with some lovebugs uptown.

I decided to try out how hard I could be....
Guns are a LOT louder than I expected them.
New found appreciation for 50 and getting attacked by those things
9 times..... eeeeeeeek

no. noo. NOOOO.
NO ONE was killed in the process. I can't believe how many million
people asked me that.... douches.

...OH YA. n the PARTTAYYY in the loo-serville @night.
sad side note: the battery to the camera is M.I.A....must retrieve/replace soon.

Highlight of the day: Frangelz screaming on the phone...
why? James Franco @ Ryerson Theatre.

DAY7--AKA yesterday
school's officially kicking in.
reality checked.

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  1. Glad you had lots of fun...
    and youu ignoring my emails and texts. =(


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