Wednesday, September 29, 2010

draining our bowl.

Pet Peeve: people that don't turn off their taps while
brushing their teeth or doing other modes of bathroom hygiene.

Why do people do that?!??!

I never realized how many people leave their taps
running while they do something else in the bathroom.


Turn the darn thing off how hard is it?!%$@%

In the spirit of water conservation comes this special sink concept,
one that encourages and brings awareness of the
detrimental effects water wasting brings. (it kills things)
While you let the faucet run, the water level in the fishbowl
slowly lowers. Once you turn off the tap the water level will
resume its fully loaded state.
For all worried for the poor fishy, no need to fret,
it will never be drained out of its spherical abode.

The bowl is even connected to its own special water line so
it's environment ain't even contaminated nastalicious tap water.

This concept might actually be able to save the world,
one little fishy at a time.
by: Yan Lu


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