Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$1.94 for a good good night.

I've been trying to condense the max amount of possible joy
of summer into the 8 slim days I have of it.

Thanks to RSID starting on the 7th, my days are limited
THEREFORE maximum summer fun coverage is needed.
(& hence lack of bloggin)

Tonight, I spent a $1.94 @ Second Cup buying a large double tea bagged green tea.

With the measely $1.94 I had one the best nights this summer
Did nothing but chillin' & doing nothing @ Steelesview with 2 of my bffs.
(not to mention, totally intoxication-free fun).


I just realized how funny the whole situation was--
max amount of joy, with little to no spending of $, at my elementary
school where joy & fun was always free.

I spend soo $$ every weekend going out and paying for a good time,
whenall of a sudden I realized, the most fun I have are sometimes when I
don't need all the extra earthly & extravagant things at all.

Dear Cynthia Jessica Chan, I agree-- I love us too.



cindy just lookin extra special n awkwardddd


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