Tuesday, August 3, 2010

frog throat.

Since Saturday morning I have been blessed with this
frog/ 14-yr-old-prepubescent boy voice.

Last night was probably the first little Mok went to bed prior to 3am.
Last minute going out with the Jax is a recipe for hoarse voice... probably
as a result of being a fangirl for Far East Movement the other night.

The next 3 days was spent with some 'Fays' (old gees from my childhood)
All the catching up, chit-chat and roars of laughter has done nothing for my voice
either. (Pix to be posted)

I've also been addicted to 'Halls' and 'Fisheman's Friend'.
Apparently popping 8 of them @ once is NOT advised.

This voice needs to go back on the shelf.
Question now... howwwww???


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