Friday, August 6, 2010

an eerie peace.

artist: SEBASTIAN E.

I'm on the fence about how I feel about his work.
'Disturbing' or 'Interesting' ?
That is the question.But as I flip through his this man's portfolio there's
something oddly serene about his rather provoking pieces.

Maybe its the blunt and vulgar translation of reality that really
send those chills down my spine.

The above piece was a temporary cemetery,
"An Attempt to Understanding a Statistic"
Brooklyn, New York
1100 crosses were planted representing the number of people
that die in a week in New York. Displaying the inevitable realities of life.

orrrr this one...
"Life Swings"-- Santiago, Chile

Public art piece infront of a rehab center for handicapped children.

" Both children with and without disabilities can choose
which of the two swings they want to use.
An early reminder of the parallel realities in life."

- - -
As deep and quirky as he can get his stench of surrealism makes him a pleasant quirky.

To see more of what I feel click ---> here <----- (look at his "death" series)


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