Thursday, August 19, 2010

since when?

[from jav's]

I remember the excitement that used to rush through my veins whenever I got a form for a field trip.
This meant no class and running around with your friends.
I recall the joys of going to overnight camps with friends,
the sharing circles, the bonding moments, the jokes and everything in between.

Then I started to be reminded of those trips that you started to plan on your own,
the trips you can control over. The ones where you and your friends
were GUARANTEED to have a good time together. The late nights that no one minded.

As 4th year is coming closer and closer, I'm starting to realize these moments
and opportunities are going to be gone in no time.
Jobs, work, family will all be our responsibility before we know it.
I want to cease these moments and make the fullest out of my time.
We're all growing up. We're all filling out schedules and agendas with things
that are very individualized, things that make US happy sometimes not things we could share.

...Seems that we are forgetting the simple laughs and moments
with our friends.

People say your pool of friends shrink as you grow older,
the people you know will start diminishing and you start to reminisce more into your past.

We're still young, this IS the past were suppose to look back on.
Let's seize the moment & recreate Kodak moments again.


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