Friday, August 13, 2010

forget you B.O.B. got some real shootin' stars now.

One night.
One bubble tea (&water)
10+ shooting stars (5 MAD BRIGHT ONES)
&one old time friend
one night of life, talk anddd stupid jokes.
(max asian productivity & efficiency)

Amazingly a lot (ha.) cannot even begin to describe how much i missed our rather
'simple' friendship. But i'm so lets revert back to the basics right ;)?

Wishes were NOT made cause of the awe factor that came up EVERYTIME a
streak on light showed up in the sky. But for all this that i saw tonight,
I give thanks.

It's amazing to look up and truly think how you're looking into infinity.
Ya. That's right-- Infinity.

So for anyone that ever feels pressured, caged & that there is no where to go.
Look up into the sky, and realize that possibilities continue to be endless.
You ARE your ticket to anywhere you wanna be.

"ah wah! ah wah! ah ah ah WAHHHH"
....would summarize all the reactions to anything we saw.

& a even happier one for me cause of a certain beejay :)*

p.s. apologies for the overflow of emotion & inner reflection lately.
Can't help but share a little bit of me :P.


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