Thursday, August 12, 2010

revisit you.

Thanks to a conversation with a "fly-ass" last night.
I went and revisited my own manifesto last night (click heeeeeere if interested)

All of a sudden I realized how much fire I've lost since then.
How many beliefs have gone forgotten, and how any
possibilities i saw in myself that seemed to have dimmed.

Must respark the inner me :)

I suppose it's one of those 1/4 life moments that we all must have.
As university's end is drawing close. Where do most of us wanna
write for the next chapter in our lives?

Just to sit down & reflect is a lot more exhausting than I budgeted to be.
Try writing your own manifesto.
Thanks Halpie & Lorellz for making it an IRD must-do.

"There are always 2 sides to a slice of cheese. I mean cheese is rotten milk, yet it still tastes amazing."
- :)


  1. Keep reflecting! I like that. PS. did you get my email?? I sent it to muishu!!


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