Tuesday, August 24, 2010

window on your wrist.

Before the times of watches and sundials,
the ancient people probably told the time by simply looking at the sky.
Mind you, I'm sure there was no urban glow or haze making it a million times easier anyways.

Reverting to oldschool-ness, the re-designed "Time of the Sky II" watch helps
you tell the time by showing the user a piece of our awesome atmosphere.

The watch is programmed to display a different shade of
blue/black (every few seconds) referring to the real sky at the time.
Now these different shades of blue really aren't going to help
you figure out the exact hour of day.
This watch ain't just conceptual, it's practical...ish.
A button on the side when pressed displays either a
sun or a moon indicating hour clock direction.

We're so swarmed with our day-to-day activities, issues,
problems, and never ending thoughts.
Maybe if we all just stopped and simply looked up,
we can see how small all these things are
... and maybe even learn to let go and carry on.

'we are always looking at some kind of window,
on the computer, mobile phone

and so on. and now a small window on one's arm...'

'Time of the Sky II'
by: Ryohei Yoshiyuki x Tomoya Kahimada (media artist)

[heeeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeeeeeee for 'Time of the Sky I']


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