Monday, August 2, 2010

material collabo.


no theses are not designer collaborations but a material marriage.
flexibility and precision of plastic && the recyclable and renewable plus of wood...

this might not excite many of you. but this is pretty sweet if your a major
green geek.
Arbofoam (the name of this new .. element)
made from lingin (wasted and thrown out element of regular wood) is mixed with
resins flax and fibers. Shove this concoction into a mold and it can pretty much make ANYTHING.
this fossil watch = reminiscent of the W-SHOCKs.

for greenies:
Arbofoam breaks down fastt + organically into water & co2.
Plus its main ingredint is the left overs of tree parts that can't be used during the paper-making procss.

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  1. look i would love to buy a watch like the fossil email is please email and let me know where i can find one ore order it... thank you..


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