Wednesday, August 25, 2010

19th century b&w.

2 late nights + 6 En Massers = 1 charming little cafe.

Galleries, picturesque streets, boutiques all within a 19th century looking
neighbourhood houses this newly re-spunked out cafe in the heart of 'Old Montreal'

EN MASSE is a non-profit organization that finds up and coming Montreal
artists to collaborate on various design things. (generally their ginormous & spontaneous b+w murals & public installations)
I absolutely ADORE this style.
This Japanese street art, hip hop, funk, mural-ish things.
En Masse reminds me of Japanese art group Rinpa Eshidan [vidlink]

Now if i ever go to Montreal this is a MUST visit spot.
Just like if I ever get a chance to I want to go to the 'Tokyo Bar' in Manhattan

'le petit cafe'
mural-ed out by: En Masse

p.s. they make tees too.
check em out @

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  1. I was surfing around looking for images of Rinpa Eshidan art work and artists similar to them and I stumbled across your post.

    I don't mean to push your buttons or anything, but..just an fyi.."Jap" is still a racist term. I don't think it has ever been a widespread, socially, acceptable term to describe anything that's Japanese.


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