Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stomach im/explosions.


All Torontonians should have known that the past weekend was 'Taste of Danforth'.
A street festival held downtown with a mission to stuff all pass-bys with
meat on a stick or bowls of calamari.

I starved myself the entire Sunday preparing my stomach for
MAXIMUM capacity.

Arriving @ 1:30pm, Mcmini & i were starting to wither and our bellies
were both incredibly unhappy. So we decided, whatever it was that we saw first
we were gunna eat...
Conveniently, it was also freebie fest on the Danforth...
therefore our first indulgence was this free pack of pita chips
... of WHICH we decided had NO taste.

basically inhaled it i t-10 seconds. The only question was, "where's the gravy?"
I guess that was unnecessary due to the sweet pull pork sauce.
I ran into a friend that insisted that we were ONLY to eat corn coming off
of a machine. So we walked past about 5 stands still this one arose.
[$3.00 each]

classiest girl i know.C: I feel like I'm making out with the corn
M:Don't sweat it, I already am.

Although purchasing off of Asians was something we were trying
to avoid (that slimmed down our selection, A LOT),
but $2 squid ain't something I was going to turn down.
There was meat on a stick EVERYWHERE.
It was tough times deciding where hand over your change to.
Therefore we did the most logical thing--line up where there's the most people.

I was thirsty. Saw watermelon juice. Got excited.
Since the cup was in a bucket of ice, it was safe to assume that the
cup was a lot large than what was seen....
I was wrong. I pick it up and the bottom half was GONE.
[3 fricken dollars]

slash. yes i realize the numbering is off.
but yo girl can count, i swear. just too lazy to switch it OKAY?

In the attempts to keep our experience authentic we
decided to try this stand out since, "they look so Greek!"

This is a dessert, nut and honey filled. EPIC FAIL.
We thought this torpedo shrimp look alike was gunna be crispy. Nope.
At this point my stomach was already dying and I was walking crawling
on the Danforth. My partner in crime on the other hand wanted to keep going
and ran into plate of goodness. She loved the sauce,
I was reminded of Chef Boyardee (of which is Italian =P)
it was a dollar. enough said.
$2 mango chillers. Second Cup. Artificially good.
FINALLY our last stop was the Honey Balls.
Something we both wish we didn't consume cause
that's when stomach pains REALLY kicked in.
Delish as hell but not penetrable with a plastic fork.

[$1 for 4]

1. Greeks dislike TD Bank. There was not ONE in sight for at least 3 blocks.
2. Asians like to invade on all sorts of festivals.
3. Asians won't even try to make Greek food, just spring rolls & chow mein.

If you've never been, you should go :)
its oodles of fun and you'd leave with happy tastebuds!


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