Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sugar, eggs, butter & a pinch of vulgarity.

“Fuck the Backmischung!”
aka."Fuck the Cake Mix"

...is the mission statement to a rebranded a traditional
Munich1950s confectioner's cafe.
"Cafe Kubitscheck" owned by Greenpeace
activist & punk, Armin Stegbauer.

"to free cakes and gateaux from their years of imprisonment behind the bars of crocheted doilies, cologne and dusty Sunday tradition"

To revamp this traditional culture to the modern age.
The suspended boxes got me at hello.
Unconventionally quirky is the way is what I enjoy.
Floating cakes in cubes is right up my alley.
Collabos with various artists, creative minds and lateral thinkers are showcased within the cafe-- "Torte an anderen Orten" aka. GATEAUX ON THE GO.

"Multifaceted and dynamic. Free from rigid frameworks or visual museum pieces. The corporate design needs to be vibrant, in a state of permanent flux and change, adapting to developments instead of compelling alignment."

Profanity and grandma's icing can apparently work hand in hand.

"Das Neue Kubischeck" -- Munich, Germany
by: Designliga


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