Thursday, August 5, 2010

i would definitely walk into that.

I think it was.. Rococo? Art-Nouvelle?
(Sorry IRH)
but it was ONE of them 19th century art periods that
did something quite similar and rather creepy.

These 19th century rich dudes had giant mansions and palaces
and used to paint within fake door frames photo realistic images of
people so that they would feel less alone in their not so humble abode.

There would be paintings of people talking (which is normal I guess),
people "gardening", but worst is of
what the flippp!??!?!

.. I'd get major chills if that was in my home.

In our 21st century world, we have adapted this optical illusion to again
better the enjoyment of our environment. These stickers are meant to
deceive you into thinking that in your little apartment is a portal to another realm!!!

The empty closet would be of NO help to me.
Constantly thinking I have MORE space for clothes is a recipe for disaster.
This might not fit in so well for with your million dollar
home but for a cute cozy apartment.
What a way to "escape" and "enlarge"
your seemingly tiny apartment.

'3D Door Decals' @ $199 / sheet.
by: Couture Deco
[buy here]


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