Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I remember a few odd years back Christine (++jeh) turned 20.
She decided that being a teenager was much more fun and manipulated numbers
so we could stay teenagers forever.

...hence twenteen was born.
boy, do i wish staying young forever was possible. if so revert me to 1994 where
EVERYTHINGG was funny & intriguing.

First off, THANKS A BAJILLION for everything.

Thanks to alvie, dtruong, kartzter & the aussie SR for grillin' it up
& sweatin' it out for us in the heat.

For all those that missioned out from faraway lands:
Loo, Sauga, Downtown, Uptown, Down... the street.
THANKS for coming out to celebrate with me :)*

For those that couldn't make it but sent me texts & bbms & fb msgs.
YOU TOO made me smile yesterday.

MYYYY GIRLLIESS that went and saw things yesterday they wish they never
laid eyes upon. THANKSSSS x 19038.

&&most of all my motherdearest & daddio for bringing me here 21 years ago.

I don't at all feel 21. The age of international legality. As a matter of fact I still
feel like im 18...maybe just turned 19. 21 is scary.
I feel like there is responsibility lurking around the corner waiting for me to scoop up.
The worst part is, this responsibility is unknown. As 21 & graduation year rolls around
I start to think about where I REALLLY wanna go in life.

I guess for now all I can lean back on in all the love I wish to give and ideally fill other's lives with.
<3 style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">EVERYTHING.

(pics tbp)


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