Thursday, August 26, 2010

eye slapped.

If eyes could bite & looks could kill--
these shades would be your ultimate weapon.

The Wayfarer trend isn't about to die anytime soon,
but with the mass amounts of people all (trying) to rock them,
how shall youset yourself apart from the regulars?


This new line of one-off shades is a "high camp x one-of-a-kind" type collection.

Starting at the not-so-wallet-killing $50, the designers say that its just
the right price for something to be treasured but always tend to break...
you know, by sittin on em' (and i totally second that).

These Wayfarer styles are studded, chained, grommeted, painted, splattered...
just basically not the same as the pair as little Jimmy's next door.

Tough Breaker #1
Tough Breaker #2 Sunset Breaker Candy Cane Breaker

"Your accessories should always the loudest thing about you."
- Roman Milisic (co-founder of House of Diehl)

'Diehl Breakers'
by: House of Diehl
(Roman Milisic & Mary Jo Diehl)

The new upcoming collection features hand-drawn artwork.
For more Diehl-y fun ----> :)


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